Frequently Asked Questions about Lucky Dumpling Market

What is Lucky Dumpling Market?

Lucky Dumpling Market has been a popular hub for food, bars and entertainment on the Adelaide Riverbank each Spring since 2017. It is usually held as part of Adelaide Festival Centre’s OzAsia Festival, Australia’s leading international arts festival engaging with Asia. In 2020, OzAsia Festival is presenting  ‘OzAsia Talks’, an array of virtual and online offerings in light of COVID-19 restrictions. We look forward to OzAsia Festival's program of physical performances and events returning in 2021 and beyond.

Lucky Dumpling Market is run by the team behind Gluttony,
the Adelaide Fringe venue hub in Rymill Park.


OzAsia Festival is run by Adelaide Festival Centre.



When is Lucky Dumpling Market open?


Lucky Dumpling Market is open Tuesday - Sunday,
30 November - 15 October 2020. Closed Mondays. 


Its opening hours are:

Tuesday to Friday – 4.30pm until late

Saturday and Sunday – midday until late



Where is Lucky Dumpling Market located?


Lucky Dumpling Market will pop up in 2020 in Elder Park, on the South Bank of Torrens Lake, in the Adelaide Riverbank precinct. Entry is via King William Road, or the riverside walkway near the Adelaide Festival Centre. Elder Park is a larger space than the previous location of the Convention Centre Lawns, allowing for greater physical distancing for attendees of the market.


What are the entry requirements for Lucky Dumpling Market?


Entry to Lucky Dumpling Market is free. Food and beverages are available for purchase from the bars and food vendors.

Lucky Dumpling Market is an all-ages event until midnight, after which patrons must be aged over 18.

Following the instructions of Lucky Dumpling Market's COVID Marshals will be a condition of entry. More information about this can be viewed on our COVID Safety page.

When are the busiest times for Lucky Dumpling Market?


Our peak time is between 6pm and 8pm. If you would prefer to avoid queues, you could consider visiting us before or after this period. We're open til late each night.


Is Lucky Dumpling Market accessible?


Lucky Dumpling Market is an inclusive venue. Please find our Access and Inclusion statement here.



Which food stalls are at Lucky Dumpling Market 2020?


The food vendors at Lucky Dumpling Market are:

  • Bao+ (Taiwanese)

  • Bubble Bus (bubble tea)

  • Chef Kim Korean (Korean)

  • Disco Donuts

  • Enfes Delights (Turkish)

  • FIRE by Soi 38 (Thai)

  • Forage Supply Co (vegan)

  • GANG GANG (burgers)

  • Jalan Jalan (Malaysian)

  • Phat Head (dumplings)

  • Ragini’s Spice (Indian)

  • Shibui Dessert Bar (desserts)

  • Soza's Sri Lankan

  • The Filipino Project (Filipino)

  • The Market Black (coffee)

  • TMR Dumpling (Vietnamese)

  • Toly Gourmet (Vietnamese)


Visit the ‘What to eat and drink’ page for more info.


What are the vegan food offerings? (information indicative, from 2019 menus - subject to change in 2020)


Bao+ / Astonish: tofu rice bowl and vegan bao


Bubble Bus: all fruit teas and toppings are vegan; milk tea range is 98% vegan

Enfes Delights: vegan gozleme; vegan manti (Turkish dumplings)


Filipino Project: chargrilled marinated tofu, deep fried vegan chicken, chargrilled corn


Forage Supply Co: entire menu is vegan!

Jalan Jalan: rojak; cendol; nasi kerabu with tauhu panggang (grilled tofu)


Ragini’s Spice: vegan option to most dishes, and all vegetable dishes are vegan


Soza’s Sri Lankan: kadala (a snack made of “tempering” chick peas in Sri Lankan spices and served with coconut); kottu (a popular street dish made with strips of homemade godamba roti mixed with vegetables and curry); Sri Lankan soya curry and rice, served on rice with an onion sambol

Thavej Thai: spring rolls; green curry with rice




What are the gluten-free food offerings? (information indicative, from 2019 menus - subject to change in 2020)


Bao+ / Astonish: tofu rice bowl and vegan bao


Bubble Bus: all teas and toppings


Filipino Project: chargrilled marinated tofu and boneless pork belly


Forage Supply Co: tofu and shiitake dumplings, smoky red bean nachos, loaded sweet potato fries


Ragini’s Spice: all curries

Soza’s Sri Lankan: devilled chicken (cubes of chicken marinated in a special Soza’s spice mix and tossed in devilled sauce served with rice); kadala (a snack made of “tempering” chick peas in Sri Lankan spices and served with coconut); Sri Lankan chicken curry and rice (Soza’s Sri Lankan chicken curry served on rice with an onion sambol)



What are the drink offerings at Lucky Dumpling Market?


Lucky Dumpling Market features several bars, including:

  • Coopers Bar, serving beer, Hills Cider and RTDs

  • Yalumba Wine Bar, serving a range of Australian wines

  • Sake Hut, serving sake and gin


Non-alcoholic drink options include:

  • Soft drinks and mineral water

  • Coffee

  • Bubble tea

  • Vietnamese iced coffee

  • Fresh young coconut juice

  • Peach and lychee refresher


There will also be free water refill stations for patrons to fill up their drink bottles – please bring your own bottle!



Does Lucky Dumpling Market operate on a cashless system?


Yes. Since 2018, Lucky Dumpling Market has used a cashless point-of-sale system. This means that all food and beverage purchases need to be made by card (debit or credit). 



What entertainment is available at Lucky Dumpling Market?


Lucky Dumpling Market features a stage, on which there will be live performances. More information about this will be available soon.


Who can I contact about entertainment/workshops?


Please email our Programming team. If you are interested in performing at Lucky Dumpling Market, you can express your interest via this form.



Are dogs permitted in Lucky Dumpling Market?


Dogs are permitted in Lucky Dumpling Market until 7pm, provided they are on a lead, well socialised, and their owners clean up after them. Please bring your own water bowl for your dog to drink from.



Can I bring my own food and drink into Lucky Dumpling Market?


Patrons are not permitted to bring any alcohol into Lucky Dumpling Market; it is against our liquor license’s conditions.


You can bring food into Lucky Dumpling Market – although with so many wonderful food options, we encourage you to purchase from our food vendors!


You are invited to bring your own drink bottle and make use of our free water refill stations. Please note that, due to COVID-19 restrictions, drinking fountains will not be available, but water bottle (or cup) refill taps will be.

What measures have Lucky Dumpling Market taken towards being environmentally sustainable?

Lucky Dumpling Market strives to be environmentally responsible. All plates, bowls, cutlery and cups are compostable, and wine is served in reusable glasses. We have avoided using single-use plastics wherever possible. A three-bin system is in place to separate compostables, recyclables, and general waste. We encourage you to bring in your own drink bottle. 

Where can I receive updates about Lucky Dumpling Market?


Please follow Lucky Dumpling Market on social media for more updates.




Hashtag: #luckydumplingmarket

30 Oct - 15 Nov 2020

Weekdays 4.30pm - late

(closed Mondays)

Weekends midday - late

WHERE? Elder Park, Adelaide Riverbank; enter from King William Rd or the riverside walkway (near Popeye's landing)

Lucky Dumpling Market is proudly brought to you by the team behind Gluttony

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