Now serving: what to eat and drink at Lucky Dumpling Market

The 2021 Lucky Dumpling Market is home to the following fantastic food vendors,  serving up delicious dishes featuring flavours from all

over the Asian continent!

Click here to view the menus of Lucky Dumpling Market vendors.

Bao+ (Taiwanese)
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Bubble Bus (bubble tea)
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Chef Kim (Korean)
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Combi Coffee Bar

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Donut Diner (donuts)


Enfes Gözleme (Turkish) 
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FIRE x Soi 38 (Thai barbecue)

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Flatiron Toastie and Momo Shop (Asian-inspired toasties and Nepalese dumplings)

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Forage Supply Co (vegan)
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GANG GANG (burgers)

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Humpty Dumplings (dumplings)
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Jalan Jalan  (Malaysian)

Mr Chow's Dumpling Bar

Phat Head (dumplings)

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Ragi’s Spice Kitchen 89 (Indian)
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Shibui Dessert Bar (desserts)
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Sky Doodles (fairy floss)

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Sookii La La Street Food (South East Asian)
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Soza's (Sri Lankan)
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The Filipino Project (Filipino)
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TMR Dumplings (Vietnamese)
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Toly Vietnamese (Vietnamese)
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Lucky Dumpling Market’s food vendors are able to cater for people with dietary requirements – please enquire with each food vendor for full details of ingredients and cooking processes. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options are available from most food vendors, and listed below.


Bao+: double melon smoothie; tofu rice bowl; tofu bao 
Bubble Bus Bubble Tea: fruit bubble teas and toppings are all vegan 
Chef Kim Korean: tofu cup bap, vege mandoo, kimchi pancake 

Combi Coffee Bar: Bonsoy, almond and Zymil milks available

Donut Diner: sprinkle donuts; jam donuts
Enfes Gözleme: vegan gözleme (zucchini, pumpkin, mushrooms and dairy-free mozzarella; hot chips 
FIRE x Soi 38: curry salt fries; loaded fries with yellow cauliflower; popcorn cauli; veg dumpling with green curry 
Flatiron Toastie and Momo Shop: Vegan Mo (cauliflower, red potato, coriander, cabbage, spring onion and special ginger sauce, coloured green with organic spinach juice, served with homemade chilli or tomato salsa); vegan cheese available for toasties.  
Forage Supply Co: all menu items 

Humpty Dumplings: veggie dumplings

Jalan Jalan: spring rolls; tofu satay; rojak salad; banana fritter; nyonya tofu

Mr Chow's Dumpling Bar: tofu and cabbage dumplings
Phat Head: plant based original noodles; tom yum dumplings 
Ragi’s Spice Kitchen 89: ‘Dal-ling’ dumplings (potato dumplings floated in dal); butter chicken sauce is made with almond cream and is dairy-free; ‘dirt(y) disco dal’ curry; naanchos can be made with vegan cheese;  
Shibui Dessert Bar: mango soft serve; fairy floss  

Soza's Sri Lankan: vegan kottu; kadala

Sookii La La: vegan dumplings
The Filipino Project: chargrilled tofu 
TMR Dumplings: veggie dumplings; tofu salad banh mi roll; tofu fried rice 
Toly Vietnamese: tofu bao; tofu noodle salad 


Bao+: double melon smoothie, tofu rice bowl, crispy pork rice bowl 

Chef Kim Korean: tofu cup bap, kimchi pancake 

Donut Diner: hot buttered popcorn

Enfes Gözleme: cheese and spinach gözleme with gluten-free wrap (NB: low-gluten. Even though we use gluten-free wraps and cook them within baking paper, all of our surfaces might have traces of gluten) 

FIRE x Soi 38: curry salt fries; lemongrass brisket; BBQ half turmeric chicken; loaded fries with satay chicken; loaded fried with yellow cauliflower; popcorn cauli 

Flatiron Toastie and Momo Shop: Little Kim toastie (vegan cheese, kimchi, herbs and vegan mayo topped with sesame seeds); Miso Mushroom toastie (vegan cheese, field mushrooms and miso butter); Kyoto Pumpkin toastie (vegan cheese, thyme smashed pumpkin, Japanese spices and herbs). All toasties can be made GF. 

Forage Supply Co: all menu items 

Jalan Jalan: entire menu except spring rolls

Mr Chow's Dumpling Bar: Thai fried chicken; shredded duck salad; wasabi fries

Ragi’s Spice Kitchen 89: ‘dirt(y) disco dal’ curry; charcoal butter chicken; chicken tikka; Texas vs India beef ribs  

Shibui Dessert Bar: all flavours of Shibui soft serve; mochi donuts; fairy floss, toasted marshmallow 

Soza's Sri Lankan: devilled chicken; kadala

The Filipino Project: lechon (spit roast pork belly); chargrilled tofu 

Toly Vietnamese: netted spring rolls; noodle salad 


Bao+: drinks and smoothies 

Enfes Gözleme: all menu items 

FIRE x Soi 38: all menu items 

Flatiron Toastie and Momo Shop: chicken 

Forage Supply Co: all menu items 

Shibui Dessert Bar: menu items EXCEPT FOR raspberry candy soft serve (contains gelatin in the Red Ripperz candy bar); panna cotta and marshmallows 

The Filipino Project: fried chicken 

Lucky Dumpling Market also features three bars: the Tanqueray Bar, the Coopers Bar serving a variety of beers, and the newly redesigned Sake Bar


Non-alcoholic drinks for purchase include bottled water, soft drinks, alcohol-free beer and wine, juices, bubble tea and coffee.